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Culture and heritage

Between the Aquitaine and Languedoc regions, discover a natural crossroads of cultures, forged by its geography and its history!


Since ancient times, the "Sillon Lauragais" (the flat plain between areas of high ground) has been a major trade route linking Toulouse to Narbonne, along the Via Aquitania running through Montferrand, at the watershed of the Canal du Midi, between the Mediterranean and Atlantic, via Castelnaudary and Bram.

The name "Lauragais" appears in the 12th century, and has its origins in the by the lords of Laurac le Grand, - a village near Fanjeaux in the Aude.

This country was the epicentre of the Cathar heresy which scars so many place is the Lauragais: Saint Félix Lauragais, Avignonet-Lauragais, Les Cassès. Fanjeaux was the starting point of Catholic reconquest.

The story of the Cathars also left its mark in monumental works such as the Abbey of Saint-Papoul or later the abbey Ecole de Sorez.

The "Age of Gold and Pastel", as the Renaissance 15th and 16th centuries are called in Toulouse, saw the opening of the Canal du Midi, crossing the Lauragais Country, which brought two periods of prosperity to the region. They bequeathed a rich architectural heritage that we invite you to discover.