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The Musée and Jardins du Canal du Midi

To know everything about the Canal du Midi, come and visit the Musée et Jardins du Canal du Midi at Saint Férreol



An historic place in a romantic background

Nestled under the trees, the romantic park of the nineteenth century, its waterfalls and jets of water, the museum and the Lake Saint Férreol are a set of remarkable landscape and heritage quality: a must see in Lauragais

The “Engineer’s house”, built around 1750 downstream of the Saint Ferréol dam, used to be the housing for the engineers and workers who maintained the dam. Nowadays the house is a museum that gives you the opportunity to discover the fabulous saga of the construction of the Canal du Midi and the life of its ingenious creator Pierre Paul Riquet.



The Musée and Jardins du Canal du Midi

Up against the lake Saint Ferréol’s dyke, this museum open since 2008 is organized into 6 thematic rooms.

It is a pleasure to explore them, because they describe in a lively way (models, audiovisual medias, original documents…) the saga of the Canal du Midi and the personality of its creator, PierrePaul Riquet.