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The Sorèze Abbey-school

The Benedictine Abbey was created in 754 at the foot of the Black Mountain, then became a place for seminars followed by a Royal Military School under Louis XVI and then an internationally renowned senior school supervised by Father Locodaire.

At the foot of the Black Mountain, Sorèze developed around the Benedictine abbey. Under Louis XVI, the Benedictine abbey became a royal military school. In the 19th century Sorèze asserted itself as one of the greatest places of learning in France, thanks to such daring tutors as the Father Lacordaire.

Literature, mathematics, science, architecture, singing, theatre were taught…Famous military men, writers, philosophers and politicians were trained there until its closure.

Visit the Abbey-school of Sorèze and imagine the daily life of this very particular universe, renowned for its innovative pedagogy, so innovative that people came from all over the world to study in Sorèze.


A museum tour will take you from the “Cour des Rouges” to the “Salle des Illustres”, from the classroom to the students’ dormitories…. And to the centenary park, which makes case for the monumental architecture of the prestigious Abbaye-école.



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