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Les ruelles de la Bastide

2.8 km Departure city : Nailloux Vertical drop : 47 m

40min moyen

START: on the square near the church
LEVEL: easy but steep slopes at some spots

1 From the square, go down to the former Wheat Hall. Turn left and cross the street to reach the
statue of Marianne, emblem of France. Keep on going in the streets of the so called “bastide”1: take the rue de la Boucherie on your right and then, rue des Remise. You can notice that the streets follow a regular grid pattern.

2 Re-cross the street and go down the Chemin de Saint Méen. At the junction with the rue Rousseau, take the gravel path on your left called chemin de Moreau. You’ll arrive in a place dedicated to Saint Méen, a saint who was supposed to heal many sick people thanks to the miraculous water of the fountain (next to the statue).

3 Take the path on the right of the wash house. Go up for 500m. When you come to a junction, you’ll see a sign “Lieu dit Moreau”. Take the tarred track on your left, and don’t forget to notice behind you the lovely view over the town of Nailloux and the countryside.

4 At the crossroads between the road D11 (leading to Calmont) and the road D43H, keep on going on the road D43H for 550 m until you come to a bend . On the right, the road goes down. Just follow it for 1.1 Km. You’ll discover the new residential area of Nailloux and reach soon the starting point of the

  • Les ruelles de la Bastide 1 - Nailloux
  • Les ruelles de la Bastide 1 - Nailloux