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De ferme en ferme

22.4 km Departure city : Nailloux Vertical drop : 122 m

2h30 moyen

LEVEL: quite easy
DURATION: 2h30 (22km)

1. On leaving the Tourist Office, take the road situated below the Nailloux Outlet Village. When you arrive at the first parking area (P1), cycle up until you‘ve reached the roundabout: then, take the direction Muret/ St Léon.(first exit)

2. Keep cycling straight on for 500m and then take the second on your right. (D38B). Pedal straight on for 5.4km. You’ll pass in front of numerous farms typical of the Lauragais region. After the road sign « Ayguesvives », at the crossroads, turn right on the Route de St Léon.

3. At the first roundabout, go straight on. At the second one, turn left following the direction Toulouse/Baziège/ Montgiscard. Cross Ayguesvives on the Route de Ticaille.

4. Just before you leave Ayguesvives, you’ll see a cycle path behind some Plane trees. Follow it for 500m, and then turn right, down a dead end. You’ll see a footbridge, spanning the Canal du Midi. Cross it and turn right. Pedal along the Canal, direction Montesquieu-Lauragais.

5. After 3.3km, you’ll arrive at Montesquieu at the brick bridge En Serny. Cross it and continue straight on. Cross the road (D16) and follow the direction of Montesquieu-center(BE CAREFUL: CARS)

6. Pedal up for 650m. Turn right onto the Chemin de ronde (a former moat). Go under a small bridge and then, take the first right. Cycle down the road.

7. Keep going along the road for 1.7km. You’ll come to a Stop . Turn left Chemin de Coussacou, and pedal 2km more. You’ll pass in front of the farms Coussacou, Petit Coussac and Périole…Nice view over the bell tower of Montesquieu.

8. You’ll arrive at a Stop. In front of the water tower, turn right on the Chemin de St Léon. Cycle down. You’ll pass in front of a cemetery and the farms Poncet Vieux, Poncet Neuf and En Mariou.

9. Keep cycling straight on. At the farm La Barthète, follow the road which goes slightly to the left. (If you go straight on, you’ll end up in a cul-de-sac) You’ll pass in front of the farm Obit, and if you pedal for 450m more, you’ll come to a junction with the road D38B. Turn left and take the road of the departure in the opposite direction. You’ll see again the farm Les Bastards.

10. At the junction, turn left. Follow the road D19 (BE CAREFUL), You’ll come to the roundabout above the Nailloux Fashion Village.

  • De ferme en ferme 1 - Nailloux
  • De ferme en ferme 1 - Nailloux