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De Nailloux au Canal du Midi

14.6 km Departure city : Nailloux Vertical drop : 116 m

1h facile

LEVEL: intermediate
DURATION: 1h30 (13,30km)

1. On leaving the Tourist Office, take the road below the Nailloux Outlet Village. You’ll arrive at the car park (P1). Go straight on until you see the fire gate. Go past it and turn right. Follow the road Chemin de Comté. After 2.6km you’ll come to a junction, turn left following the direction Montesquieu Lauragais (D11)

2. Go straight on. Cycle up a slope and when you come to the top of it, you’ll see a water tower on your left and a bus stop on your right. From there, enjoy the great panoramic view over the village of Baziège. Cycle down the hill.

3. When you come at the foot of the village of Montesquieu, 2 options are possible :
a) Go straight on and cross the village
b) Go left and bypass the village (chemin de Ronde)
Both ways join up. Turn left and go down the slope (Follow the sign to Ayguesvives)

4. When you come to a Stop, go straight on (follow the sign « Parcours cyclable Canal »). Turn right after crossing the En Serny Bridge. Pedal along the Canal du Midi. After 2km, you’ll arrive at the Negra lock.

5. Turn right, cross the bridge to reach the other side. Leave the Canal, go straight on, pass in front of the farm “Les Bragots » You’ll come to a road. Cross it. (BE CAREFUL)

6. Follow the road « la Côte de Négra » for 150m ; at the junction (you’ll see a big Plane tree) turn left. Go past the farms « Landou » and afterwards « En Gratia ». At the Montbrun farm take a break. Turn round to admire the landscape. Further on, you’ll come to a junction “Chemin de Goudet”.

7. Continue straight on. (D11). Keep on pedaling for 2.5km At the Stop, turn right and after the roundabout, go straight on (500m). BE CAREFUL: MANY CARS DRIVE ON THIS ROAD
Then turn right onto Chemin du Gril. Cycle past the 6 blade windmill, turn left You’ll come to the employee’s car park of the Nailloux Outlet Village. Go past the fire gate.

  • De Nailloux au Canal du Midi 1 - Nailloux
  • De Nailloux au Canal du Midi 1 - Nailloux